Cricut Coffee Mugs: Cute and Easy Mug Designs

Cricut Coffee Mugs: Quick & Easy Mug Ideas

Looking for super quick and easy Cricut coffee mugs to make? We’ve got some pretty DIY Mug Ideas that you can make in a flash. Create ultra-gorgeous mugs with custom patterned vinyl sheets or sublimation transfers. Perfect for gifts for any occasion. 

1. Chic Monogram

Cricut Coffee Mugs

Create these super easy yet chic custom coffee mugs for you and your friends. Choose your favourite patterns in the best vinyl for mugs and you’ll have a gorgeous mug in no time!

2. Morning Coffee Vibes

Cricut Coffee Mugs

Decorate one of your plain ceramic coffee mugs with a quote or simply “Good Morning” to perk you up for the day. It’s super-duper easy! With cute vinyl decals for mugs that you can make out of colourful and patterned vinyl sheets, it’ll definitely be a breeze! You’ll have such a good time making them, you can put the same design on blank coasters to match it with!

3. Rise Above

Cricut Coffee Mugs

Make a cute coffee mug design for your old mugs. Make your own custom vinyl decals for mugs, cups, tumblers & more. The possibilities are endless because you can customise them in all of the colours and patterns you love!

4. Sprinkled with Love

Cricut Coffee Mugs

Give your mugs and cups a little more love with this clever sprinkles design! Make these cool coffee mugs by using scraps from your custom patterned vinyl. Mix and match them in your favourite colours too! Don’t forget to make yourself a matching coaster too! 

5. Owl-y Morning

Cricut Coffee Mugs

Wake up to a brand new day and enjoy your favourite brew with your own customised white coffee mugs. It’s super easy to make with waterproof patterned vinyl sticker paper. Decorate your bowls with the same decals too!

6. Coming In Hot

Cricut Coffee Mugs

Nothing beats having a fresh cup of hot coffee in your own beautiful coffee mugs. Doesn’t that pink pop?!! Make it extra pretty with cute patterned adhesive vinyl or keep it plain in your favourite colour. They make awesome gifts for family and friends too. 

7. Waste Not Want Not

Cricut Coffee Mugs  

Decorate your plain large coffee mug with your vinyl scraps! You know you have plenty laying around! It’s actually a really great way to get the kids making some gifts too! Imagine how great this would look with the scraps from your patterned custom printed vinyl sheets!

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